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Illinois Accessibility Code

The Capitol Development Board is asking for feedback on a revision of Illinois Accessibility Code by August 17, 2016.   I know that ADA issues on sidewalks have been a challenge for both public agencies and contractors.   The Illinois Accessibility Code is Illinois rules that will be driving those requirements in the future.

Over the past two years, the Illinois Accessibility Code (IAC) has gone through a complete front-to-back revision. IAC now more closely mirrors the 2010 ADA Standards, although there are areas where IAC is more stringent, and it now also incorporates Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines PROWAG.

 The IAC has been released for public comment by CDB.  Here is the link:


 Illinois Infrastructure Listening Tour

Dear Infrastructure Stakeholder:

Our infrastructure plays a critical role in driving Illinois’ economy, strengthening our communities, and improving residents’ quality of life. As the transportation hub of North America, the ability to move people and goods efficiently drives our competitive advantage – an advantage we stand to lose if we don’t make strategic investments in our transportation and infrastructure network. We depend on your leadership and assistance as we begin a new statewide discussion on our broad infrastructure needs in an effort to advance a capital program.

The commitment required to simply maintain our existing infrastructure systems is significant and the longer we wait to address it, the more expensive that remediation becomes. Without renewed attention, over the next six years 40 percent of Illinois highways and one in seven bridges will be in unacceptable condition. Pavement condition will continue to deteriorate, leading to rough roads that damage cars and make us less competitive. The transit network’s bus and rail system will not be adequately overhauled, leading to less reliable and underutilized service. School and other key state construction projects will continue to lag behind and fall into disrepair.  

For these reasons, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), in coordination with the Capital Development Board (CDB), will lead a series of statewide listening sessions beginning next week to engage our residents and local leaders from the public and private sectors in identifying challenges and setting priorities for a sustainable path forward. We welcome your participation in these meetings to highlight critical needs and strategic goals.  At these events, we will focus discussion around state and local infrastructure challenges, as well as establish priorities for future investment. For more information about events in your area, including dates and locations, please visit our website at www.idot.illinois.gov.

While our maintenance needs are significant, we are looking for input on what criteria we should consider in order to make transparent, performance-driven decisions on investments to repair, modernize, and expand our transportation network. We are also seeking input about addressing freight congestion, providing better access across transportation modes, improving deteriorating roadways, bridges,  transit, and airports, and advancing other state construction needs.  

In these financially challenging times, it is essential that we responsibly invest in infrastructure projects that can drive the economy and improve the lives of our residents. The people of Illinois deserve a reliable transportation network that provides access to housing, jobs, health care, schools and other vital destinations. Infrastructure that supports our water and park systems, as well as public institutions, also plays a critical role. Please help us build the groundwork to move forward with a realistic, sustainable plan for bringing our infrastructure into the 21st Century. Without action, Illinois will not be able to attract or retain the residents or businesses it needs to be an economically competitive player on the global stage.


Randall S. Blankenhorn

Acting Secretary

Illinois Department of Transportation

Click here for a few reference documents


Roadway Safety – Train the Trainer Seminar

A one-day, four-hour seminar will be presented three times on separate days, sponsored by Local 150, Operating Engineers at their William E. Dugan Training Center located at 19800 W. Arsenal Road, Wilmington, IL.  This course is offered free of charge.Topics to be covered include typical applications for the MUTCD, measures to control exposure to traffic and related hazards, determining when and where to use law enforcement personnel, and strategies to increase driver awareness, reduce public frustration with work zone delays and reduce crashes caused by traffic congestion and queuing.The dates that the seminar will be offered are:
  • Tuesday, March 31, 2015
  • Wednesday, April 1, 2015
  • Thursday, April 2, 2015
The start times are at 8:00 AM on each date.To register, please contact Martin Turek at MTurek@asiplocal150.org, and indicate which of the three dates you would prefer to attend. 

Illinois Concrete Pipe Association seminar entitled "Design & Operation of Sustainable RCP Sewers" March 5, 2015

The Illinois Concrete Pipe Association will be presenting a seminar entitled "Design & Operation of Sustainable RCP Sewers" on March 5, 2015, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at Ashton Place, 341 75th Street, Willowbrook, Illinois. The cost is $90, which includes breakfast, lunch, syllabus, and a certificate for 8 PDH's. Please contact Glenn Clayton at icpamd@aol.com or 630-673-0140 for more information.

Don't Miss IPWMAN's 6th AnnualConference in Bloomington Oc 29 - 30


More Members on the Move - June 2, 2014
More members on the move!
  • Robert Lewis has joined the Village of Westchester as Director of Public Works

More Members on the Move - May 14, 2014
More members on the move!
    • Phil Cotter has joined the Village of Roselle as Director of Public Works.
    • Jim Bernahl joins the Village of Winnetka as their new Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering
    • Brendan Daly joins Lafarge North America 
    • Jennifer Barlas joins Clark Dietz, Inc. - Engineers
    • Mark DeVries retires from McHenry County!

Members on the Move - April 21, 2014
News from Chapter Members:
    • Dave Lawry joined the Village of Schaumburg as Director of Engineering and Public Works on April 7.
    • Joe Fennell was selected as Top Ten Public Works Leader by National APWA.  Help celebrate on May 22!


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